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Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage or Hot Rock Massage is an Ancient art and possibly the ultimate in relaxation massages. The use of hot stones and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage techniques help create a state of deep relaxation and mental & emotional harmony.

Hot Stone Massage dates back thousands of years. The application of heat to the body and the relaxing effects this has on muscles and the nervous system has been recognized by numerous ancient civilizations.

Heated stones were used by the Chinese at around 2000 BC, Egyptians in their ceremonies, and hot rocks have also been used by Native American Indians. In Hawaii, stones were coupled with the beautiful Ka Huna Massage and Lomi Lomi massage. Originally Hawaiian Laau lomi-lomi lava rock balls were also used to clean or scrape the skin following the traditional massage.

Other traditional healers used stones from river beds and heated them in thermal pools or with hot coals. In Bali it is believed that the batu stones are filled with vitality and energy of the water that flows over them in an eternal stream.

Hot stone massage is done using the hot stones that are usually the volcanic rocks and the cold stones like sedimentary stones or marbles. These types of stones are being heater or chilled at varying temperatures and used with message.

This exotic treatment hasn’t really changed since. The stones are hand-chosen for size and shape. They are basalt, (lava stones) that have been smoothed over thousands of years by gently flowing currents of water. We immerse them in heated water, then place them on key energy centres (chakras) to harmonise the spirit and emotions. This will begin to melt the stress from tired painful muscles and prepare the body for more profound work.

A variety of different shaped & sized stones are then used to massage in a firm, rhythmic sequence using the long flowing strokes of the incredible Hawaiian Ka Huna massage along with pure Fijian coconut oil. This is an amazing full body massage and sensory experience, beginning with the legs and feet, followed by de-stressing the whole body, and concluding with a pressure-point scalp massage.

The stones are high in iron and magnesium, which allows them to retain heat and release their healing energies deep into the belly of the muscles, helping to release stress, tension & fatigue. They are anointed with oil, allowing them to glide smoothly over the muscles and along the meridians, releasing muscle tension along the way.

Hawaiian hot stone massage is one of the most deeply relaxing and blissful treatments in the world, and should not be missed. Stone massage improves the circulation and calms the nervous system. It is recommended for those with stress, anxiety and tension, neck, shoulder and back pain, poor circulation, arthritic pain, insomnia, and depression.


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