Hicaps is available for Private Health claims

Relaxation 30min $65 60min $105 90min $155
A relaxing massage using beautiful essential oils to de-stress & unwind. More>>
Deep Tissue / Sports Massage 30min $65 60min $105 90min $155
More than a firm massage – this is a customised treatment using a variety of techniques to release muscle tension. More>>
Remedial Therapy 30min $65 60min $105 90min $155
This hands on therapy aims to treat specific conditions by relieving pain, increasing mobility, improving posture and preventing injury.
Asian Fusion 60min $105 90min $155
A combination of Chinese Tui Na Bodywork, Cupping + Thai stretches.
Myofacial Dry Needling (Western Acupuncture) is also available. More>>
Myofascial Dry Needling 60min $105 90min $155
Similar to Chinese Acupuncture, we focus on tight muscle bands & areas known as Myofascial Trigger Points, to achieve a more rapid resolution to your problem.
Asian Taster 60min $105 90min $155
A combination of relaxation or deep tissue massage and 30min foot massage using specialised Asian Reflexology points.
Pregnancy 60min $105 90min $155
A combination of Relaxation and Remedial massage techniques to alleviate symptoms specific to pregnancy such as: back pain, feet & leg pain, fluid retention & high blood pressure. Hicaps is available for Private Health Funds. More>>

Ancient Healing and Pampering

Hawaiian Ka Huna Bodywork 60min$125 90min$180 120m $240

Hawaiian Ka Huna is one of the most amazing massage treatments you will ever experience. This beautiful rhythmic massage relaxes your entire being, releasing stored stress and allowing powerful healing to take place on many levels. More>>

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage 60min $125 90min$180 120m $240
One of the first to bring Hot Stone Therapy to Australia, we promise you an unforgettable experience. This is a deeply relaxing massage combining warmed volcanic stones, coconut oil and traditional Hawaiian Ka Huna massage. More>>
Zen Thai Shiatsu
90min $185 120min $245

The ancient healing art of Thai massage will make you feel amazing, stretched out, and reconnected. This wonderful treatment works through rhythmically stimulating pressure points & gently improving joint movement, & is performed fully clothed on specially designed mats & pillows. More>>

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