Natural Powerful Skincare

Genesis has a long history in providing beautiful treatments, with exceptional products.

Our facials cherry-pick skincare primarily from Australian producers and suppliers . . . . . clean, locally sourced extracts and botanicals . . . . . high performance skincare that is a synergy of organic botanicals & the latest in skin science.

We employ a comprehensive system that delivers outstanding results for women and men . . . . to so transform your skin that it radiates with health and vitality.

Purifying Facial60min  $120
This is a deeply cleansing facial that restores skin balance and repairs oily, problematic and congested skin. Fruit Actives, specialised serums, toners and masks help to reduce oiliness, draw out impurities and treat breakouts.
Intensive Hydrating Facial60min  $120
An intensive hydration boost for tired, dull and dehydrated skin, this facial will restore your natural healthy glow. Kakadu Plum, avocado, and mango are among many plant actives that nourish and renew skin vitality and hydration.
Regenerative Anti-Ageing Facial60min  $120
For powerful skin rejuvenation, this facial uses cutting-edge serums, masks and moisturisers to stimulate collagen production and skin elasticity, whilst reducing fine lines and improving skin hydration.
Men’s Focus Facial60min  $120
Utilising a high performance regimen tailored for men:  deep cleanse, smoothing scrub, fruit actives to resurface, face massage, active mud mask, powerful serums & moisturisers to repair skin & reverse ageing.

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