Zen Thai Shiatsu

90min – $185        120min – $245

Informally known as the “Lazy Man’s Yoga”, Thai massage combines rhythmic pressure points and gentle stretching to stimulate your body’s life-force. Thai Massage was originally practiced by Indian Buddhist monks many years before the conception of traditional Chinese Medicine. The Ayurvedic healing principles were combined with traditional Chinese medicine techniques to form the Thai massage that is recognised world-wide.

Thai massage simplifies the body’s energy system to ten energetic lines known as Sen Sib (similar to the meridians in Chinese Medicine). The focus of this treatment is healing the energetic being as well as the physical body – harmful blockages are released and vitality is restored. You will feel amazing following our style of Zen Thai Shiatsu!

The stretches are based on Indian Hatha Yoga and are aimed to relax your body and your mind & spirit. The actual treatment is performed on comfortable mats & pillows on the floor, and the recipient is fully clothed.

An incredible massage.


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