Massage Therapy

Hicaps is available for Private Health claims


Relaxation 60min $90 90min $130
A relaxing massage using beautiful essential oils to de-stress & unwind. More>>


Deep Tissue / Sports Massage 60min $90 90min $130
More than a firm massage – this is a customised treatment using a variety of techniques to release muscle tension. More>>


Remedial Therapy 60min $90 90min $130
This hands on therapy aims to treat specific conditions by relieving pain, increasing mobility, improving posture and preventing injury.


Asian Fusion 60min $90 90min $130
A combination of Chinese Tui Na Bodywork, Cupping + Thai stretches.
Myofacial Dry Needling (Western Acupuncture) is also available


Myofascial Dry Needling 60min $90 90min $130
Similar to Chinese Acupuncture, we focus on tight muscle bands & areas known as Myofascial Trigger Points, to achieve a more rapid resolution to your problem.


Asian Taster 60min $90 90min $130
A combination of relaxation or deep tissue massage and 30min foot massage using specialised Asian Reflexology points.


Thai Table Massage 60min $90 90min $130
Similar to Thai Massage, but more affordable, this treatment is performed fully clothed, with many of the typical Thai stretches & meridian work done on the massage table.


Pregnancy 60min $90 90min $130
A combination of Relaxation and Remedial massage techniques to alleviate symptoms specific to pregnancy such as: back pain, feet & leg pain, fluid retention & high blood pressure. Hicaps is available for Private Health Funds. More>>


Ancient Healing and Pampering


Hawaiian Ka Huna Bodywork 60min $100 90min $145 120m $185

Hawaiian Ka Huna is one of the most amazing massage treatments you will ever experience. This beautiful rhythmic massage relaxes your entire being, releasing stored stress and allowing powerful healing to take place on many levels. More>>


Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage 60min $120 90min $160 120m $200
One of the first to bring Hot Stone Therapy to Australia, we promise you an unforgettable experience. This is a deeply relaxing massage combining warmed volcanic stones, coconut oil and traditional Hawaiian Ka Huna massage. More>>


Traditional Thai 90min $160 120min $200

The ancient healing art of Thai massage will make you feel amazing, stretched out, and reconnected. This wonderful treatment works through rhythmically stimulating pressure points & gently improving joint movement, & is performed fully clothed on specially designed mats & pillows. More>>


Balinese Foot Ritual: 60min $100
Drift away with a traditional Mandi Susu foot soak, a blend of yoghurt, oils, salts & rose absolute, followed by an organic Thyme & Mint scrub, then a mud mask rich in minerals & trace elements to revitalise your tired feet – now enjoy your therapist’s hands for an amazing coconut butter foot & leg massage.



Leading Australian – Natural & Organic Range

We utilise only natural, high performance skincare that is a synergy of natural botanicals & the latest in skin science – to rejuvenate all skin types including normal, mature, dehydrated, stressed & problematic skin.

We employ a comprehensive system that delivers outstanding results for women and men – a range of products that can transform your skin so that it radiates with health and vitality.


Purifying Facial 60min $99
A deeply cleansing facial that restores skin balance and repairs oily, problematic and congested skin. Alpha-Hydroxy Acids and specialised serums help to reduce unwanted shine, draw out impurities and treat breakouts.


Intensive Hydrating Facial 60min $99
An intensive hydration boost for tired, dull and dehydrated skin, this facial will restore your natural healthy glow. Powerful plant actives such as ginseng, aloe vera and citrus acids nourish and renew skin vitality and hydration.


Regenerative Anti-Ageing Facial 60min $99
For a powerful skin rejuvenation, this facial stimulates collagen production and skin elasticity whilst reducing fine lines and improving skin hydration. Pure C Serum (25%) and refining fruit acids combine to treat ageing, sun damaged and stressed skin of all ages.


Men’s Focus Facial 60min $99
Utilising high performance Natural Products designed just for male skin. Includes bamboo scrub, deep cleanse, face massage, high performance mud mask, incredible serums & moisturisers to repair skin & reverse ageing & of course, professional skin care advice.


Head & Body

Head Treatments

Organic Hair & Scalp Treatment & Massage 30min $60
This treatment melts away your stress with Indian pressure points, while your hair and scalp are nourished with organic ingredients direct from the rainforest – amazing results you won’t believe! Best to have this treatment after a relaxing massage.
Ear Candling 45min $70
Traditional Ear Candling has its origins in the centuries-old culture of the Hopi Indians. Incorporating lymphatic drainage to the face & neck, this wonderful therapy helps soothe blocked ears, earache, sinus congestion & headaches.


Body Treatments

Wraps, Scrubs & Body Exfoliation

Traditional Lu’lur Balinese Body Scrub:
A fantastic exfoliation with exotic Asian spices including Hibiscus, Turmeric & Sandalwood blended with fine rice powder.
60min Scrub 60min $100
60min Scrub + 30min Massage 90min $150
60min Scrub + 60min Massage 2.0hr $190

Body Wraps – Island Style

Coconut Intensive Hydrating Wrap:
This super moisturizing wrap will instantly revive dry skin. A unique blend of exotic nut extracts rapidly hydrates skin and locks in the moisture to keep your skin perfectly hydrated and nourished. Includes Head & Scalp Massage.
Wrap + 30min Massage 60min $110
Wrap + 60min Massage 90min $150
Scrub + Wrap + 60min Massage 2.5hr $240



Great Combinations

Pregnancy Pamper 2.0hrs $200
30min Foot Soak & Leg Massage, 30min Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage + 60min Facial


Island Ceremony

Choose one of our two Traditional Scrubs

+ 60min Hot Stone Massage
+ 90min Hot Stone Massage

2.0hrs 2.5hrs $210 $250


Hot Stone Heaven 2.5hrs $255
Balinese Foot Ritual, 90min Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage


Asian Ceremony 2.5hrs $255
Balinese Foot Ritual, 90min Traditional Thai Massage


Spring Revitaliser 2.5hrs $255
Foot Soak & Scrub, 60min Sports or Relaxation Massage, 60min Facial, Organic Hair & Scalp Treatment


Spa Ceremony 3.0hrs $280
Choose a Body Scrub, 60min Sports or Relaxation Massage, & 60min Facial


Spa Ritual 3.0hrs $285
Balinese Foot Ritual, 60min Sports or Relaxation Massage, 60min Facial


Balinese Purifying Ritual 3.0hrs $280
Balinese Foot Ritual, Lu’lur Balinese Body Scrub, 60min Sports or Relaxation Massage



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