60m – $100          90m – $145         120m – $185  

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage is also known as the deep relaxing whole body massage. As the name suggests, this massage gives you the deep relaxing feeling and emotional healing that you can never get from the traditional massage.Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage promotes harmony to the body, mind and spirit through allowing the free flow of energy throughout the body. This massage is performed with continuous, fluid, rhythmic motions using the forearms and hands. The art of massaging different areas of the body at the same time relaxes the mind as the brain finds it difficult to focus on two different areas at once. Hawaiian massage has often been described as feeling like waves moving over the whole body, and often there is the sensation of more than one pair of hands working on you at once.

Hawaiian massage originates from the Huna philosophy that relates to healing bodywork, and that emotions and feelings can be responsible for energy blockages, resulting in muscle tension and joint stiffness. As the flow of energy returns, emotions may be released, allowing you to let go of stress, anxiety and emotional pain.

The most unique feature of the Hawaiian massage is under-body work. This technique involves massage to the back, buttocks and legs while the recipient is lying on their back. Under-body work is an amazing experience that therapists intuitively perform in combination with breathing techniques and hula dance style movements.

This treatment can be deeply relaxing or performed to treat specific muscle aches, pains or tension. We especially recommend this treatment for people suffering back pain and/or emotional stress.

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